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Kidzania Bangkok is a must visit place where your children would not only have a one of a kind experience but they will also get influenced by many professions. It is a ‘miniature city’, providing children with remarkable and inventive chances to experience the work life they have always desired or to show them what it is like to walk in their parents’ footsteps. Including 80+ professions, your child will have a blast getting dressed up as either a chef, a fireman, a nurse, doctor, scientist or whatever else they desire to be once they grow up into beautiful adults.

KidZania emphasizes role playing as a way for youngsters to gain knowledge. KidZania's own currency, kidZos, can assist children learn the value of money much like in the real world. Children can reap the benefits of their hard work and gain financial literacy by learning how to budget, spend, and save money as part of KidZania's immersive role-play experience. Kids acquire various essential life skills like responsibility, sense of belonging, innovation, collaboration and the value of money via each job and task. This program will ultimately help them grow their confidence and strength, while actually giving them a taste of their dream job.

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Why To Book KidZania Bangkok Tickets?

Highlights Of KidZania Bangkok Tickets
Inclusions of KidZania Bangkok Tickets
  • By booking KidZania Bangkok tickets you will explore this amazing edutainment experience for children in Bangkok which is a whole new world in itself.

  • Leave your kids to acquire knowledge regarding real life in a fascinating manner, with almost 80+ innovative games.

  • kidZos can assist children learn the value of money just like in the real world.

  • Give the kids a fair shot to plan their dream careers and give them hands-on experience of their imaginative future self.

  • Be rest assured that your kid is in safe hands at KidZania Bangkok due to its high tech security systems.

  • All of KidZania Bangkok's activities are included in the price of a KidZania Bangkok tickets.

  • KidZania Bangkok tickets also include entry into the various facilities of food and shopping outlets where you could fill your bellies and take souvenirs home.

  • The KidZania Bangkok tickets also include a number of magic shows, security bracelets, and many more.

  • The KidZania Bangkok tickets also gives entry into the parent lounge for the adults which has access to a reading room, tv and free wifi.

Food and Beverage:- The cafeteria, which is positioned beside the Theater in City Square, provides freshly prepared food and beverages in a wide range of flavors. - An outlet of McDonalds’ and the Yum Yum Noodle Shop are also present. - A Snack Kiosk is present in the premises as well which offers cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream and soft drinks along with other options which would be appealing to the young mind.*Shopping: *- The National Store has Official Merchandise and Souvenirs to round out your overall vacation. - Within KidZania Bangkok, the Joy Basket Kiosk sells a wide range of merchandise. - You may take entertaining magic supplies home from the Magic Shop and transform yourself into the famous Houdini. *Adults: *- Sit back and chill at the reading area with TV, and wifi in the parents' lounge. - From the Theater's balcony, one can watch the children's show. - There at the Stadium where you can show your support for the Special Football game.

Activities To Do In KidZania Bangkok

Activities for Kids

Fire fighter-The hotel guests' screams and the lighting effects give the impression that there is a real fire inside.The kids come dressed like firefighters and learn about safety procedures at the Fire Station before boarding a truck and driving to a 'burning' hotel.The lighting tricks create the illusion of a genuine fire within, and the hotel guests' screams add to the realism.

Chef-Prepare delicious shakes and desserts taking a leap towards becoming a Michelin Star Chef. Kids can work as sushi chefs in Japanese restaurants or cook hamburgers in fast food joints.After preparing their favorite dishes, the kids have a blast eating them with mustard and ketchup!

Doctors-Get a taste of medical life by performing surgery on a dummy patient like a real doctor.Experience the satisfaction of saving a life and doing a good deed.

Nurse-As a nurse, the kids will take care of babies in a nursery and get to play with a lot of dolls while making sure they're all fed and clothed appropriately.

Industrial Zone-Let your kids work in a real life industrial scenario. Children can engage in one of Kidzania's factories in a variety of occupations. The dairy plant employee understands how to pack milk and inherits the finished bottle. The goods manufactured by the children at the Coca-Cola brewery, the Green Tea plant, as well as the peanut snack plant are all kept by the children.

Activities for Toddlers

Dental Care-Toddlers may work to maintain strong and shiny teeth by training like expert dentists. -They will learn regarding flossing and brushing techniques as well as the functions of every tooth.- As a dentist at Kidzania Bangkok, you'll be responsible for keeping your patients' teeth in good health.

Department Store-In a crowded store, you'll need to serve customers and maintain inventory.-KidZania department store allows toddlers to explore, purchase and get a taste of how it's like to deal with customers and inventory levels in a bustling retail.-You will offer high quality products and understand the entire procedure from start to finish till the customers leave.

Construction Site- Participate in numerous construction projects and follow the Site Engineer's directions and construction plans.- To widen their horizons of engaging in the construction business, your child becomes an engineer and gets an opportunity of working with a crew and designing a stone wall.

Painting School- Allow your young painters to develop their abilities and become professional painters by providing them with the opportunity to do so.- By attempting studio painting, Mural art and making homemade stuff, your children may learn about many art techniques and colors while also expressing their creative ability.

Police Station- As a policeman at KidZania Bangkok, toddlers will investigate crimes and catch criminals as well as attend to emergencies. - Dress up in your police outfit, command the police headquarters and prepare to make arrests.

Disco Lounge- While you're in the disco lounge, warm up with a cup of hot cocoa or coffee, or savor some delectable food. - At the disco lounge, your little ones can dance all night long to hit songs.

Public Broadcasting Center- While working at the Public Broadcasting Center, provide a diverse range of programming in the sectors of culture, education, information, and entertainment. - Your kids will learn how local radio stations transmit radio programmes.

Activities for Adults

Parents may either stay with their children throughout each activity, or they could retire to the parents' lounge. They can relax for a while while watching TV or using the reading room and free wifi. They could also shop at the various outlets of brands present in the premises of KidZania Bangkok or else go to the food outlets and fill their bellies up with delicious snacks and meals.

A kid above the age of 8 years old is allowed to stay here alone at KidZania Bangkok, with the exception of check in and check out. The parents can drop the kid here and they go out running errands or relax a little and live their lives.

Why To Visit KidZania Bangkok?

  • Even without involvement of the adults, all activities at Kidzania Bangkok which is one of the well equipped edutainment centers could suit small clusters of 6 to 8 children.
  • There's as many as up to 80 distinct careers to select from, offering a diverse variety of learning opportunities.
  • Children may learn more about becoming a genuine doctor, operate a Boeing 737, and perhaps even put out a hotel blaze using actual water and some miniature fire engines.
  • They could also experience rescuing lives by transporting patients to a mini hospital in a little ambulance.
  • The youngsters may earn 'KidZos' currency and even create a savings account at the tiny CIMB bank by executing these mini jobs. This money is stored in a secure place for the youngsters to use to purchase mementos at the gift shop on their way out.
  • The entire setup is quite well planned out, with a spacious hallway serving pastries, cups of coffee, and laptops for parents so that their children may finally enjoy themselves independently.

Know Before You Book KidZania Bangkok Tickets

Essential Information
How to reach
Rules and Regulations

Location: 5th Floor, Siam Paragon, 991 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Timings: Monday–Friday from 10am to 5pm Saturday–Sunday from 10.30am to 8.30pm

Best Time To Visit:The best time to visit Kidzania would be during the weekends when you will have a lot of time to spend with her kids. You can plan to visit the edutainment park in the morning hours and indulge in full interactive sessions with others.

By Train: Siam Paragon and the train station are linked. Catch the BTS SkyTrain to Siam terminal on the Sukhumvit Line or the Silom Line.

By Road: You could also drive to KidZania Bangkok by car, by driving across Chalermla 56 (Huachang Bridge) from Phayathai Road. There are also various buses traveling back and forth from the destination.

  • KidZania Bangkok requires that kids aged 0 to 8 be supervised throughout all circumstances by a grownup.
  • Before entering the premises, visitors will be subjected to an obligatory temperature check.
  • At the time of booking and upon arrival, each individual visitor must provide identification.
  • Participants who do not meet the ticket requirements, such as when a child's age exceeds the child price limit, will be charged an additional fee before being admitted.
  • Adult tickets are not available for purchase separately since groups without children will be denied access.

Tips To Visit KidZania Bangkok

  • Look out for photographers who would capture pictures of your children and offer you hard copies at the completion of the program.
  • There are indeed a variety of kiosks and shops in which you can obtain delicious meals as well as cold beverages as well as spend a minimum of 6 hours taking part in several role playing exercises.
  • In the event of a crisis, go to the nearby Mc Donald’s First Aid station and speak with a nurse.

KidZania Bangkok FAQs

How many activities are there in KidZania Bangkok?

There are about 60 entertaining and educational activities in the Kidzania Bangkok starting from kids with age 2 - 16 years old. Heading over to this place, your kids will not only get a chance to spend some playful time but also enjoy about 60 entertaining and educational activities.

Are outside eatables allowed inside KidZania?

No, outside food is not allowed inside Kidzania Bangkok. There are a number of restaurants and fast food joints present in the premises itself which provides healthy as well as delicious meals and snack options. There are also outlets of McDonalds and Yum Yum Noodles inside the premises for the youngsters to relish their favorite food.

What is KidZania Bangkok famous for?

Kidzania, the most famous edutainment park in Bangkok, is famous for its unique experiences for kids that lets them take on various occupations by roleplay and get an insight of their future profession while learning the skill to manage finance. It offers a wide range of entertaining as well as interactive games that aim at teaching kids with unique experiences in life.

What is the ticket price for Toddlers at KidZania Bangkok?

The ticket price for toddlers with age in the range of 2 - 3 years at Kidzania Bangkok is about 700 Baht per head.

Is there a locker facility in KidZania?

Yes, there is a locker facility in Kidzania. To ensure safety of your belongings, store them in the lockers as you will be doing a lot of walking and won't be able to do so carrying all the bulky stuff and outerwear.

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