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Are you ready to have some ice cool fun in the prickly hot climate of bangkok? Then defy the relentless heat of Bangkok and glide into the world of ice skating rinks. There is ample amount of fun infused in the activity of ice skating for kids and adults alike. Ice skating is an ideal way to spend a joyous time with your family. It's a treat to hold hands together, slide on the slippery ice and relive your childhood. So groom and twirl around on the cool ice rink in the excruciating heat of Bangkok.

Some of these rinks only allow kids to skate inside so make sure to have an extensive list of family or group friendly skating rinks. While enjoying ice skating in Bangkok, you can learn to balance yourself and do activities like committing yourself to take up the challenge of doing a full round of ice skating in the rink no matter how many times you fall. You can also take up the facility of rental skates and lessons which are provided by most places for ice skating in Bangkok and spend great time together with your family. So buckle up, dress warm and soft and be ready to roll into the slippery ground of ice skating rinks in Bangkok.

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  • Experience a fun day at Imperial World Ice Skating while indulging in ice skating with your friends in Bangkok
  • Visit this ice rink which hosts the annual Thailand National Championship and is the only Olympic sized rink in Bangkok
  • Enjoy learning a new tricks and turns while practicing your skating at the rink
  • One of the most fun activities for both professionals and rookies at ice skating
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Must Know Before You Go
  • Guidelines issued by the respective State-Government is to be followed. Social distancing to be maintained. Frequent hand sanitization and use of masks recommended.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of booking, and also upon arrival. PAN card will not be considered as a valid address proof.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of booking, and also upon arrival.
  • Social distancing is enforced throughout experience.
  • Children under 5 years old go free of charge.
  • Children above the age of 5 years will be considered adults.
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Why Book Tickets For Ice Skating in Bangkok?

You should try to book your ticket online when going ice skating in Bangkok. You can easily avoid standing in long queues and uselessly waiting for long hours in case of unavailability of your desired time slots. So book your ice skating tickets when you visit Bangkok online and enjoy a hassle free experience of this activity.

  • Experience a day full of joy and exuberance at the ice skating rink
  • Stop worrying about your inexperience and learn new tricks of ice skating while you are here with learned coaches available to train you on the ice rinks
  • Fun activities for both professionals and rookies alike- so no backing off on this trip to ice rink
  • Relive your childhood with your family and friends like never before
  • Enjoy your own games with your squad

Ice Skating Rinks In Bangkok

When deciding upon options for ice skating Bangkok, there are a myriad of places to choose from. Ice skating in Bangkok is a viable and easily accessible activity as there are a number of top notch places that you can visit for ice skating. Some of these ice skating Bangkok places include the famous Imperial world ice skating rink, Ice planet which is located in Siam discovery centre and has beautifully embossed mural walls, Roller Dome, Ice Naka Arena etc. Here we will enlist the three most famous skating rinks in the city. Go ahead and check off all the places from this list on your trip to Bangkok.

Imperial World Ice Skating
Imperial World Ice Skating

This is the only olympic sized rink in the city and hosts the National skating championship of Thailand held Yearly. This is actually a part of the shopping centre and besides all the fun of launching yourself into a shopping spree, you can also enjoy the extra perk of ice skating. Since ice skating is very similar to roller skating, even if you are a newbie, why not try skating in this iconic ice skating Bangkok place? You can also decide to take regular and figure skating lessons over here if you are really enthusiastic about ice skating.

Location- Samrong Nua, Bangkok. Thailand

Timings- 10 am to 8 pm. It usually takes 2 hours to fully enjoy the skating experience here.How To Reach- This ice skating rink is located at a distance of mere 15 minutes from Bangkok and can be reached via Sky train to Samrong. Once you reach the shopping centre, you can head over to the 5th floor directly and enjoy ice skating without any further delays.

Best Time To Visit- Best time of the day to visit would be the morning or evening hours of the summer season so that you can beat the heat with this cool ice rink.

The Rink Ice Arena
The Rink Ice Arena

Enjoy figure skating and ice skating at The rink ice arena and display all the tricks you have while you are here. This open atria ice arena is located on the second floor of the Central World shopping centre in Bangkok. For the kids, practice penguins available for rent can help them grab hold of their first skating experience. Practice penguins are literally penguins made of plastic or metals that the children can hold on to, while stepping into the ice skating rink for the first time. They also offer the elite learning course for the adults where you can hone your skating skills and have fun with your friends.

Location- Central World Shopping mall, Pathumwan, Bangkok

Timings- Everyday 10 am to 10 pm

How To Reach- The Rink Ice arena is just 6.8km from the centre of Bangkok. If you book a cab, it takes a drive of 16 minutes to reach here.

Best Time To Visit- Since it is located in the shopping centre, it is better if you visit it during evening or night time as this will enable you to flaunt your ice skating moves in front of a crowd just like in any ice skating competition.

Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club Sukhumvit
Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club Sukhumvit

This is one of the most prestigious ice skating Bangkok clubs that you will find out there and has 2 areas to enjoy ice skating. One of them is a practice area and the other one is a normal area which is accentuated by lights and music to pep up the ambience. There are pro coaches who give ice skating lessons over here and the contestants try to represent this prestigious club in various competitions. You can also enjoy live ice bars being run all over the day. Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club Sukhumvit has several branches all over the city.

Location- Major Cineplex Sukhumvit, Watthana Bangkok

Timings- 12pm to 9 pm on usual days and 11 am to 9 pm on weekends.

How To Reach- Take the BTS Skytrain and travel through a public bus that passes right through the Cineplex. You can also drive by yourself or take a private cab.

Best Time To Visit- The best time to visit this skating rink would be after the sun goes down because that is the time when it turns into a swanky looking club with strobe lights and pop music playing in the background.

Tips For Experiencing Ice Skating in Bangkok

  • Remember to wear your socks or you would need to buy them at the skating rinks.
  • Groom and twirl around on the cool ice rink in the excruciating heat of Bangkok but make sure to wear full length clothes while you do so to avoid getting wet on ice.
  • Hire a coach initially to get the hang of the activity before you go solo skating.
  • If you can’t ignore the tiny bits of melted ice due to the hot climate of Bangkok, simply enjoy your skating activity during the morning wee hours or during the night since it will make the ice less slippery.
  • If you have kids, it is better to rent a penguin supporter for them at the ice rinks to ensure their safety.

Ice Skating Bangkok FAQs

Is Ice Skating in Bangkok Safe for Kids?

    Yes, Ice skating in Bangkok is safe for kids. In fact, many ice rinks provide extra safety measures such as penguins for kids and coaching lessons to give them a safe skating experience.

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