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Boat touring in Bangkok and sightseeing is one of the most relaxing activities. Bangkok is a city where much of life happens along the waterways. Hence, a boat tour can make you explore a lot of the city. You can see the great Temple of Dawn, Grand Palace, Khao San Road, and many more tourist destinations on the cruise. Going on a boat tour on the Chao Phraya River will make you savor the different lifestyles of the people in the city living along the river.

The city has special Thai riverboats for the Bangkok boat tour. There are six different kinds of boats for the purpose, including beautiful ferries and canal boats. You can even book a dinner cruise having a perfect blend of traditional dishes with outstanding sceneries of Bangkok. Fantastic Thai cuisines on the cruise will give you an unforgettable experience. The river has floating markets with a wide variety of products, from toys to textiles, adding to your amazement.

Bangkok Boat Tour Deals

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  • Enjoy the famous James Bond Longtail Boatride along the canals of Bangkok and visit the old city of Thonburi
  • Glide across the waters of Chao Phraya river, see the local neighbourhood and learn about their lifestyle
  • Admire the beauty of one of the most iconic temples of Thailand, Wat Arun and get stunned by its fine craftsmanship
  • Marvel at one of Bangkok's world-famous landmarks, Central Prang, decorated with coloured glass which is about 70 meters in height
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Must Know Before You Go
  • Guidelines issued by the respective State-Government is to be followed. Social distancing to be maintained. Frequent hand sanitization and use of masks recommended.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of booking, and also upon arrival. PAN card will not be considered as a valid address proof.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of booking, and also upon arrival.
  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking.
  • Customers are required to bring and wear masks .
  • It is recommended to bring sunglasses and hat as the weather can get quite warm in Bangkok.
  • Please be on time since Bangkok boat tour is a group tour.
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Why Book Bangkok Boat Tour?

Bangkok boat tour tickets will show you the city's essence combined with a gorgeous river ride. You will get to know the culture, traditions, and different lifestyles of the people living along the waterways. The boat ride along the Chao Phraya River is relaxing, refreshing, exciting, and unique.

  • Get on the famous James Bond Longtail boat and travel around the canals of Bangkok and the old city of Thonburi.
  • Enjoy 2 hours of boat tour in the city of Bangkok and admire its beauty and culture.
  • Float on the waters of the Chao Phraya River and explore different lifestyles along the waterways.
  • Get to see the most exciting and iconic monuments of Thailand. You will come across the Temple of Dawn and other famous destinations with their fine craftsmanship.
  • Shop at the floating markets of the river, having a wide variety of products. These shops have toys, food, textiles, and many more products.
  • Marvel at one of Bangkok's world-famous junctures, Central Prang. It has a colored glass about 70 meters high.

Kinds Of Boats Available For Bangkok Boat Tour

Bangkok is a city where traveling by water is as common as traveling by bus in any other city. It has six different kinds of boats to offer the tourists for the boat ride. All these boats give you a unique experience. For example- canal boats give you a peaceful ride along the river.

Chao Phraya Express
Chao Phraya Express

These express boats zoom you through 40 ports along the Chao Phraya River. The main hub of the express is the central pier called the Sathorn Pier or Taksin Bridge Pier. The tourist authority of Bangkok has numbered all the piers and marked their direction from the center. The boat covers all the major tourist destinations of the city. According to the route they cover, the boats have yellow flags, green flags, orange flags, and no flags. The Chao Phraya express also connects Bangkok's BTS Skytrain and stops at 13 stops on the way.


Bangkok's ferries are like rafts with a roof and are one of the cheapest modes of transport. Citizens casually take a ferry to get to another side of the river. Ferries have 32 crossings along the Chao Phraya River. These crossings include the famous destinations of Bangkok like Wat Arun and Wat Pho Temple.

Private River Cruises
Private River Cruises

River cruises are an elegant way to explore the city along the Chao Phraya River. These huge cruises are usually dinner cruises, and most of them start from the shopping complex and cover all the major tourist destinations on the way. Having traditional Thai cuisines while sightseeing along the river will give you an unforgettable experience. Some companies even offer live shows and bands with dinner on the cruise. You will experience the most stunning views and delicious Thai food on the river cruises of Bangkok.

Long Tail Boats
Long Tail Boats

Available in all the main ports of the river, long tail boats are tourist boats, and you can rent them privately. These narrow, long boats take you through the river catching all the tourist destinations, including Wat Arun, on the way. You can rent and negotiate the price of these boats on the spot, or you can pre-book them online at reasonable prices. These boats operate from 9 AM to 8 PM every day.

Canal Boats
Canal Boats

These massive and loud canal boats have another unique feel, and you can find them in Thonburi. They are free from traffic and are faster than other boats. Bangkok has a lot of canals, and the largest of them is the Saen Saeb Canal which dissects from west to east. Early mornings and late afternoons witness people traveling from home to office and office to home. These boats run every 5 to 20 minutes and have west and east lines for the convenience of local people.

Hotel Shuttle Services
Hotel Shuttle Services

Hotels on the riverside offer these free shuttle services between the hotel and Sathorn Central Pier. This pier directly connects to the Saphan Taksin BTS Skytrain Station, making traveling more convenient for you. You can relax while you travel through these services with no traffic on the way. The shuttle services are free of cost and make a lovely foreword to a romantic riverside meal.

Top Attractions To Spot While On Bangkok Boat Tour

Going from one place to another in Bangkok would provide you with relaxation and invigoration, especially if you sail through the city. It would give a different experience when you see the beautiful city of Bangkok floating through the Chao Phraya River. The river passes through the dense urban glory of skyscrapers, mansions, markets, and temples and covers other prominent city places.If you are planning to sail through the city of Bangkok, here are some top attractions that you should never miss out on:-

Wat Pho
Wat Pho

Wat Pho is the name of a reclining Buddha temple, and people appreciate its fine craftsmanship. This temple ranks among Bangkok's most prominent temples and has all the features you would enjoy during your visit to the temple. The Wat Pho temple would give you a relaxing experience, and Wat Pho is also a place where you will get a traditional Thai massage.The reclining Buddha is the main attraction of this temple. The 15 meters tall, 46 meters long statue of Buddha would fill your eyes with joy and astonishment.

Wat Arun
Wat Arun

Wat Arun is another place in Thailand, and people usually visit the state for this place. Temple of Dawn, another name for Wat Arun, is famous for its glistening spires and fantastic height, standing tall against the backdrop of the city of Bangkok. The best time to view this place is during the daytime or in the lights at night. The nearest pier to this place is Wat Arun Ratchawararam pier.

The Golden Palace
The Golden Palace

The Golden Palace or the Bangkok grand palace is where the whole country used to be run by the king and his court members for more than 150 years. The Golden Palace represents the peak of Thai architecture and shows the magnificence and brilliance of the architecture used to build this palace. Every year, you would find millions of visitors coming to see this beautiful work of art from different parts of the world.

Khaosan Road
Khaosan Road

The Bangkok boat tour will make you come across Khaosan Road, near Bang Lam Phu and Ratchadamnoen Klang road. This area used to be one of the prominent trading destinations during King Rama VI. Now, it has become one of the most visited attractions for tourists coming from different countries around the globe. People love to visit this place as it offers guesthouse-style accommodation that is very convenient. Not only this, the location of this place is very near to the Golden Palace, which is one of the top attractions for tourists.

Know Before You Go For Bangkok Boat Tour

Other Essential
Best Time To Experience
Other Essential


Chao Phraya River, Bangkok


The boat ride in Bangkok starts at 2:30 PM. The approximate duration of the ride is 2 hours.

Boarding Point-

The Maharaj River Shopping Complex, in front of the Starbucks Coffee shop inside The Maharaj Community Mall.

Look For the Safety Features or Tips:

Before you start boat touring in Bangkok through the Chao Phraya River, read all the safety features or guidelines you need to follow while you sail through the different tourist places around Bangkok city. The authority has numbered or named all the ports of the river for the convenience of the tourists.

Take Necessary Precautions to Avoid Any Accidents:

During your Bangkok boat tour, if you or one of your family members doesn't know how to swim, it is advised to take necessary things and items to protect people from drowning in the river in case of a storm or any natural calamity.

Bangkok Boat Tour FAQ's

Are pets allowed to take the Bangkok Boat Tour?

    No, pets are not allowed during a Bangkok Boat Tour, and this is because several public places in Bangkok don't allow animals.

How long does the Bangkok Boat Tour last?

What is the best time to experience the Bangkok Boat Tour?

Can we experience the Bangkok Boat Tour at Night?

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