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About Terminal 21 Bangkok

With its innovative concept of bringing multiple world-famous cities under one roof, Terminal 21 in Bangkok offers the desire of seeing the world to central Bangkok. Find yourself lost in a maze of stores in Tokyo City, strolling along London's Carnaby Street, bargaining in an Istanbul souk, or hunting for something to feed your appetite at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf.

The curved glass-and-steel exterior of Terminal 21 resembles a 21st-century airport, and the idea continues within. The arrivals in certain cities are indicated by floor signs, electronic display boards evoke flight details as displayed at an airport terminal, and the information counter clerks are dressed in flight attendant outfits.

Terminal 21 has 600 stores, a Cineplex, a Gourmet Market (supermarket), and a food court featuring a variety of delectable Thai and foreign cuisine. There are 9 floors, divided and themed according to capital cities like Paris, Tokyo, London, San Francisco and so on. Each floor resembles a traditional market of the city it represents, with the overall ambience made twice as striking with the use of props. Fares at the Terminal 21 stores include everything from apparel, gadgets, fresh food to jewelry and trinkets. While designer brands are available aplenty, the shopping mall features some extremely thrifty shopping options as well.

Why To Visit Terminal 21 Bangkok?

Recreating the experience of global travel, Terminal 21 offers a unique shopping experience in the heart of the city. The nine floors of the mall are packed with around 600 stores, 50 restaurants, a movie theater and a supermarket. It is also home to Bangkok’s longest escalator ride at 36 meters.

Highlights:- Revel in a unique shopping experience as you hop from one city to the next at Terminal 21 in Bangkok. - Explore more than 600 brands across all 9 levels of the shopping mall.- Admire and stop for a photo session with the mall props, including the iconic London red bus or the Golden Gate Bridge of California. - Ride on the city’s longest escalator as you travel from Paris on the mezzanine floor to Istanbul on the third.- Explore the best of Thai cuisine at one of Bangkok’s best food courts, located on the eighth floor of the mall.- Catch the latest release at the SF Theaters, situated on the Hollywood floor at the ninth level.

What Are Experiences At Terminal 21

Terminal 21 brings the best shopping and dining experiences in Bangkok at the same place. With more than 600 stores and around 50 restaurants under its belt, the shopping mall attracts throngs of food and shopping enthusiasts throughout the year. The place is also a photography hub, due to its aesthetic prop decor representing different cities at one place.

A fashionable shopping mall
Fashion Center
Food paradise

Terminal 21 Bangkok has nine levels with up to 600 retailers, a cineplex, a supermarket (Gourmet Market), and a food court with a range of Thai cuisine. Along with offering different fashionable items, Terminal 21 is also a beautiful place to admire. To provide the authentic airport experience, it has many props that represent each city, which are beautifully crafted. This offers an aesthetically pleasing environment making it a fashionista in itself.

The Paris themed floor is located on the mezzanine level and will take you to the Champs-Élysées, where you will find several well-known fashion companies to browse. They have various smaller boutiques of local fashion companies on the first to third levels. The first story (Tokyo) houses female fashiwearon, while the second floor houses male apparel (London). Istanbul is located on the third level and sells gifts, jewelry, stones, fashion items, toys, cosmetic goods, and home décor.

The San Francisco levels, which spread across the 4th and the 5th floor of Terminal 21 Bangkok, are home to some of the best dining options in Bangkok. Some of the most popular restaurants here include Pepper Lunch, MK, Chabuton, Dory Seafood Bistro, Secret Recipe, and Tohkai Yakiniku. The fifth level is home to one of the best food courts in the city. In terms of pricing, flavor, and variety of cuisine, this is perhaps the best place to try affordable Thai food in Bangkok.

The Levels Of Terminal 21 Bangkok

A trip to Terminal 21 is not just a local shopping experience, but a global one. Sprawling across 9 massive floors, the shopping mall promises an exciting tour of the world as each level is themed after capital cities from across the globe. Shoppers can revel in a number of stores selling everything from gadgets to clothing, most of them available at really inexpensive prices.

Level LG (Lower Ground) Caribbean

This floor packs all the essence of the sea in a single level. It has a shore, pier, and lighthouse, as well as all of the hues of the Caribbean. As you explore the bottom level, you'll feel as though you're enjoying a drink on a faraway beach. There are multiple banks here, so you can get some money in case you want to buy some souvenirs. There’s some dining options on this level as well. The Gourmet Market is also located on this floor, where you can get wonderful soup, a variety of Thai specialties, fruit, and even ice cream.

Level G (Ground) Rome

The beauty of Terminal 21's ground level is astounding. It is a marvel of marble and gorgeous sculptures, decorated in the style of antique Rome. In the center of the restrooms is a big Roman-style fountain. It should come as no surprise that this level houses some of Terminal 21's most upscale retailers, such as Jaspel and Guess. Level G is also home to the currency exchange at Terminal 21, and could come in handy if you’re looking to exchange cash from your home country.

Level M (Main) Paris

If you haven't gone to the romantic capital of the world to view the Eiffel Tower in person, you may visit a stunning replica of it at Terminal 21. If designer digs aren't your thing, this floor is perfect for you because it houses H&M and Victoria's Secret. On this floor, there are also plenty of beauty salons. You should definitely test some of the top Asian items that aren't available in your country. Bangkok’s longest escalator ride starts at Paris, taking one all the way up to Istanbul on the third floor.

First Floor Tokyo

With Japanese sculptures and imaginative accents like paper lanterns, this floor is full of intrigue and sophistication. The floor is modeled after a typical Tokyo market, with walkways lined up with open stalls on either side. You'll feel as if you're in one of Japan's most attractive and exclusive markets, with no greater alternatives for women' clothing than on this level. Brands selling at Tokyo include K9, Wila, Basement of Samantha and a few other flagship designers. Take the time to fully explore Tokyo's nooks and crannies, and you'll be sure to find some great deals and surprises.

Second Floor London

London’s culture is closely associated with its classic red telephone booth, and there’s plenty of those to find on the Second Floor at Terminal 21 in Bangkok. Just as Tokyo catered mostly to women, the stores and brands in London are tailored towards men’s apparel. Ton Tip for cufflinks and accessories, Hoops, Cross Road, Human Fight, Sports World, and Hatman Exclusive are among the men's apparel stores (including sports stores). The big showstopper at the floor is the gigantic model of the red double decker bus that sits smack at the center.

Third Floor Istanbul

Istanbul at Terminal 21 pays a nod to its country of inspiration through its traditional souk-styled atmosphere. The floor is ideal for those looking for a thrift shopping experience, or looking to merely pick up trinkets. There’s plenty of accessory products to explore here- hats, shoes, jewelry, you name it, and they have it. Some of the most popular brands on the floor include Jelly Bunny, Leather Balcony and Rock Me Jewelry.

Fourth Floor San Francisco (City)

Unlike the other cities, Terminal 21 has two whole floors dedicated just to San Francisco! The first floor recreates the cityscape of SF, complete with the Californian styled trams. The biggest tribute to the city is the stunning model of the Golden Gate Bridge that stretches from one end of the floor to the other one. The Fourth Floor houses some of Bangkok’s best dining options, although the City is outshined by the Pier that follows it.

Fifth Floor San Francisco (Pier)

On the fifth floor of Terminal 21 in Bangkok sprawls the finest food court in the city. Unlike most traditional food courts that pride in their assortment of junk food and snacks, the Fifth Floor food court focuses solely on the local Thai cuisine. Fares here are freshly prepared and delivered with the utmost care. Most options are rather inexpensive as well, making it perfect for those looking to try traditional Thai food on a budget.

Sixth Floor Hollywood

The sixth floor, which is appropriately designed in old Hollywood style, is beautiful and interesting, making it the ideal site to complete your Terminal 21 journey. The star of the Sixth Floor is electronics, all of the finest brands and sold at extremely inexpensive rates. Extra headphones, phone chargers, and even cheap phones may all be found here. If you want to end your Terminal 21 adventure with a movie, the sixth level has the SF theaters, one of Bangkok's greatest movie theaters.

What To Expect In Terminal 21 Bangkok

  • Delight in some of Bangkok’s best restaurants, and the city’s most loved food courts with its fantastic array of local Thai delights.
  • Stop for a picture with the props at the mall, which include the red telephone boxes of London, the Golden Gate Bridge, the traditional Japanese lanterns and more.
  • Explore the best of global fashion at the plethora of fashion outlets scattered throughout the mall.
  • Take a ride on Bangkok’s longest escalator, that stretches all the way from the mezzanine to the third floor of Terminal 21.
  • Catch the latest release at the 8-screen cineplex at SF Theaters on the Hollywood level.

Know Before You Go To Terminal 21 Bangkok

  • Location: 88, Soi Sukhumvit 19, Sukhumvit Road Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, Bangkok 10110

  • Timings: 10.00 AM- 10.00 PM on all days of the week.

-Best time to Visit: Terminal 21 proves a great visit all times of the year. However, weekdays at the mall are generally less crowded, and can be better for those looking for a smooth shopping experience.

-How To Reach:

By MRT:Terminal 21 is located at the very heart of Bangkok, at the juncture of Sukhumvit and Asoke. The easiest and most convenient way to reach the mall would be to take the MRT to either Asoke or Sukhumvit stations, then use the skywalk to travel to the mall.

By Taxi: Taxis are easily available in the area as well, so traveling by taxi can be another convenient option.

Tips To Visit Terminal 21 Bangkok

  • The food court at the shopping mall does not accept cash. Instead, they offer a store valued card that can be recharged according to need. Visitors should also collect the remaining balance as credit before leaving.
  • Try to avoid the food court during the mall lunch hours, as it tends to get crowded quickly by the mall employees.
  • For a more thrifty shopping experience, try out the unique and lesser known stores as opposed to the flagship outlets that can be easily found anywhere else in the world.
  • Terminal 21 is located extremely close to a BTS Station; if you feel like extending your stay out, you could easily avail the train services to visit any of the attractions nearby.

Terminal 21 Bangkok FAQs

What are the 2 interesting facts about Terminal 21?

  • The shopping mall not only resembles an airport from the outside, but also offers a travel-like experience with its 9 floors, themed after different cities.
  • Terminal 21 is home to the longest escalator in Bangkok, spanning across 118 feet.

What are the best places to eat at Terminal 21?

Terminal 21 Food Court: The food court at Terminal 21 is one of the most beloved ones in the city. The food court is famous for its extremely competitive prices and wholesome portions. The specialties here include Thai meals and snacks.

Hachiban-Ramen 8: This isn't your typical noodle eatery. Noodles are available on nearly every lane in Bangkok, but none equal to Hachiban-Ramen 8. Almost every single meal at this restaurant features a unique blend of meat, spices, and noodles. Many of their dishes are influenced by Japanese cuisine, including fried noodles, fried rice, and more.

Dak Galbi: The unique design of this posh Korean restaurant will immediately draw your attention. It's wonderful food, on the other hand, will have you going back for more. Dak Galbi serves some of the most delectable foods, the majority of which you prepare yourself. Grills are directly on the tables at this real Korean BBQ restaurant.

What are the best places to shop at Terminal 21?

UndeRLine @MOOLAR, for men’s apparel: The canvas bags from Thai firm UndeRLine, which come in a range of styles ranging from totes and messenger bags to multifunctional and overnight bags, are the genuine treasures at MOOLAR.

Rio Tinto, for women’s apparel: Rio Tinto counters minimalistic styling with its dazzled clothes, all imported from Hong Kong. Ripped sweaters, fake furs, Gothic jackets, sultry leggings, printed scarves, bondage skirts, slim jeans, and ornate jewelry are all part of the look.

Malimarymalai, for accessories: Another Terminal 21 exclusive, this is the place to go if you want to dress opulently. Women's bags made of exquisite real leather are available at Malimarymalai. Instead of feminine, costly frills, this shop emphasizes basic accessories that highlight the smooth grain of handmade leather.

Why is Terminal 21 so famous in bangkok?

Terminal 21 offers the most unique shopping experience in all of Bangkok- perhaps all of Thailand. Nowhere in the city can one experience such an all-encompassing shopping and dining facilities, with themed sections corresponding to some of the most famous cities in the world.

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What are the different ways to get entertained in Terminal 21?

Terminal 21 features an 8-screen Cineplex on the Hollywood floor. It features a fitness center on the same level as well.

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