Ayutthaya Day Tour From Bangkok

About Ayutthaya Day Tour from Bangkok

If you are looking for a day tour away from the hustle-bustle of Bangkok then there is nothing better than Ayutthaya day tour, where you get a chance to explore this UNESCO world heritage site. Ayutthaya historical park is just a few hours away from Bangkok. If you want to know about the history of Thailand like: ruined temples, royal palace of Siamese, Buddhist monasteries, minarets,and architecture of ancient Buddhist temples etc then it is a perfect place to learn more about Thailand’s history. Start your journey at 11:00am, seated in an AC vehicle and get ready for Ayutthaya day tour from Bangkok.

You will find various tourist guides at the Ayutthaya historical park who will give you complete information about Thailand’s history. Initially Ayutthaya used to be a city, but was crushed by the Burmese armed forces in 1767, now this is a UNESCO world heritage site. This historic city had been founded in 1350 which was a second capital of the Siamese kingdom. Your trip to Thailand will never be complete if you don’t visit Ayutthaya. You will get to know how the royals used to live in the era of 14th to 18th during this half-day trip of Ayutthaya.

Why To Book Ayutthaya Day Tour from Bangkok

If you want to admire the history of Thailand then you should book your tickets from Bangkok, as this city is close to Ayutthaya which is just 85 kms away so you can enjoy your day trip in Ayutthaya because it is considered one of the best day trips from Bangkok. So book your tickets for Ayutthaya day tour and visit this heritage site.

  • Stand in awe in front of 42 meters high giant white smiling Buddha statue.
  • Explore Bang Pa In Summer Palace, a wonderful complex which used to belong to royalty.
  • In the Bang Pa Palace, enjoy seeing sophisticated carving art on every wall along with the Chinese decorations.
  • Ayutthaya, now a UNESCOworld heritage site contains archeological ruins, monasteries, temples, palaces etc. which is just a few hours away from Bangkok, was a city in the 14th century so let’s enjoy the memorable Ayutthaya day tour.
  • At Wat Ya Chai Mongkol you will be surprised when you see an extensive number of Buddha statues.
  • Get ready for Ayutthaya day tour from Bangkok at 11am sharp and meet with your local guide at the hotel lobby.
  • Comfortably sit in an AC vehicle and then head to Ayutthaya which is a few hours far from Bangkok.
  • Now stop for one hour at Bang Pa-In Palace which is a Greek Corinthian Order style palace, and explore some commendable sites here.
  • Then head over to Vihara Phra Mongkhon Bophit, which is a temple where there is a massive, gilded statue of a sitting Buddha and stay there for one hour.
  • After seeing various temples, palaces head to Ayutthaya historical park and admire it.

Places To Visit In Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is a UNESCO world heritage site where you get to know about ancient life. You can head to Ayutthaya day tour from Bangkok by Bus or Car or Train according to your convenience. After reaching here you will admire various beautiful ancient temples, palaces, monasteries, archeological ruins, Ayutthaya city park, Ayutthaya historical park etc. in Ayutthaya.

Ayutthaya City Park

Ayutthaya city park is the biggest shopping complex located in Ayutthaya city. This unique complex is completely different from the ancient city of Ayutthaya because of its contemporary architecture. This place is not only famous for shopping malls but also has a place to behold quaint fountains, landscape, and spend time in soothing vibes. The City Arena is considered one of the most attractive places which is an artificial football field offering endless games for visitors. At the Futsal area which provides an amazing dining space for visitors, you can enjoy Thai delicacies.

Chao Phrom Market

If you head to Ayutthaya day tour from Bangkok then you must visit a local market which is Chao Phrom market to enjoy some lip-smacking delicacies.In Chao Phrom market you can get everything such as: clothes, jewelry, food, and spices. This authentic market offers fresh products in a plethora of small shops, stalls of local delicacies. The timing of this market starts from 3am to 6pm on all days except Monday. This local Thai market has a plethora of non-vegetarian dishes to delicious desserts which will be loved by any European.

Wihan Phra Mongkhon Bophit

At Wihan Phra Mongkhon Bophit, you can explore one of the biggest bronze Buddha statues which is a main attraction of this temple. It is considered that the temple was built by King Srongtam, during the era of Ayutthaya. But a thunderbolt had damaged the dome of the temple, which has been restored after many years. The height of this Buddha statue touches 12.45 meters and is known as Phra Mongkhon Bophit. Stare at this massive Buddha statue which is the best Ayutthaya day tour.

Wat Suwan Dararam

Wat Suwan Dararam is another ancient temple known as Temple of the Golden Star, next site of Ayutthaya day tour. This temple of Ayutthaya is famous for its mural paintings, magnificent architecture, and grandeur which is revered by royals, and Thai civilians. This temple is loved among art buffs through its elaborate murals and grand architecture. The main attraction of this temple is the Buddha image which is a copy of the Emerald Buddha found in Bangkok. This place has magnificent ceiling pillars, which are richly carved.

Ayutthaya Historical Park

Ayutthaya historical park is located on an island, a UNESCO world heritage site which is located at the ruins of the ancient Ayutthaya kingdom. If you want to discover this whole historical park then book Ayutthaya day tour from Bangkok. Although this place was destroyed by the Burmese invasion, it has so much attraction which attracts every tourist towards it. Explore the pristine architecture, historical temples, palaces, and remaining architecture of the ancient kingdom. This park is surrounded by three rivers such as Chao Phraya, Lobpuri and Pasak.

Wat Lokayasutharam

Wat Lokayasutharam is situated near Wat Phra Si Sanphet and the old royal palace in Ayutthaya which has a reclining Buddha statue, a main highlight of this site. It is 8 meters long, and 37 meters wide which is so stunningly depicted when you behold it then it will leave an imprint on your heart. This idol is the only complete structure placed amidst the ruins which gives this place an extra beauty. People offer prayers to Buddha with flowers and scent sticks.

Wat Ratchaburana

The beautiful attraction of Ayutthaya day tour, Wat Ratchaburana is famously known as the temple of royal restoration and one of the most featured monasteries in the island of Ayutthaya. This temple is considered to be the most ancient monastery of Ayutthaya and built on the cremation site of the King’s two elder brothers. The temple is known for its prang which is tall like a tower. The temple was built in 1424 by King Borommarachathirat II of the Ayutthaya kingdom.

Wat Chaiwatthanaram

If you are interested in learning more about the ancient culture of Thailand, then Wat Chaiwatthanaram is a perfect Ayutthaya day tour from Bangkok for you.This is a stunning Buddhist temple which is constructed according to the Khmer style, located opposite the South Western end of the immensely popular Ayutthaya historical park. Tourists who are enjoying boat riding on the Chao Phraya river can see the stunning Wat Chaiwatthanaram from afar. This place has a top tower which is known as Prang that attracts visitors.

Wat Yai Chai Mongkol

Wat Yai Chai Mongkol is located to the Southeast of the Ayutthaya island and one of the primary temples found within Ayutthaya.During the 14th century, it has been restored many times since its construction. A huge statue of the reclining Buddha immediately attracts the attention of tourists. This idol is situated outside of the temple which is about 23m tall. Wat Yai Chai Mongkol is partially ruined where monks live within the building.During the dusk, lights are scattered on these ruins which makes it a fascinating site to behold.

Bang Pa-in Palace

The Bang Pa-in Palace is located just 60 kms north from Bangkok. Explore this stunning palace at Ayutthaya day tour which is situated on the bank of Chao Phraya river. This palace was built by King Prasat Thong in 1632. This building is made in European style which is completely open for tourists. Only in some special ceremonies this palace is used by royals. This stunning palace has beautiful gardens, vast greenery and exquisite landscaping which makes this site so special apart from others.

Wat Na Phra Men

Wat Na Phra Men is an active monastery which is a perfect combination of Hindu and Buddhist architectural styles, located at the Northern part of Ayutthaya. This temple was built in the 13th century during the reign of King Ramathibodi II and has been restored over the years. In 1935, Wat Na Phra Men was registered as a National Historic Site. This stunning monastery is an important place of worship. This temple is still active where coordination rooms are available for organizing various functions.

Wat Phra Si Sanphet

Wat Phra Si Sanphet is a famous historical temple and considered to be the most important ancient temple for the royal family. Explore this site at Ayutthaya day tour and behold its grand and beautiful structure. The terrace is surrounded by a monastery.This impressive palace has three platforms which are commonly known as three chedis. It is considered that these three chedis are the ashes of three Kings: King RamaThibodi II, King Borom Ratchathirat III, and King Trilok. The design of this temple is in Ceylonese style which is reminiscent of a bell.

Know Before You Book Ayutthaya Day Tour

Essential Information
How To Reach

Tips:- If you are planning Ayutthaya day tour from Bangkok then you must have an ID proof to book your tickets online.- All the foreigners have to show their passport, visas at the time of booking and also upon arrival. - All the travelers must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 with a vaccine approved by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health or the who. - Kids aged 6-11 years traveling with their parents are exempted from the vaccination.- When you are entering sacred sites, it is advised that you should wear appropriate dresses. - Due to bad weather or unforeseen events, this tour can be canceled. You have to ask for a refund or book another date, if canceled.

Location: Ayutthaya is located in Central Thailand and is about 85 kms away from northern Bangkok.So you must organize your tour from Bangkok to Ayutthaya will be perfect for you as it takes only a few hours to reach there from Bangkok.This historical world site is located on the bank of river Chao Phraya.

Best time to visit:In the month of November to January, you can make a plan of Ayutthaya day tour as it is considered the best time to visit here. The weather is nice in these months and according to traveling.

  • By Minivan: If you are planning your Ayutthaya day tour by a minivan then book it from the hotel. You will get a tour guide also. This AC minivan has seats for 10 to 15 people.

  • By Train: If you are a person who loves to enjoy train journeys then from Bangkok’s Hualamphong station you will get the fastest train at 8:30am to Ayutthaya in just 77 minutes.

  • By Car/Taxi: If you are seeking privacy then you should go with a car or taxi which allows you more time to explore temples and monasteries and also gives a chance to enjoy Thai food along the way.


How long will the Ayutthaya day tour last?

  • You must plan your Ayutthaya day tour at least a full day from 6am to 9pm.
  • There are various tour operators providing Ayutthaya trips at different prices of one-day trip or round-trip.
  • If you are seeking some lesser known sites in Ayutthaya then you can extend your tour for two days.

What is the best time to take the Ayutthaya Day Tour?

  • November to January is considered the best time to visit Ayutthaya in Thailand as only in these months rainfall is quite low so the weather is ideal for rainfall.
  • You can come here during the off-season but the weather here is generally hot and humid and the temperature is above 30 degrees so you need to hydrate during the Ayutthaya day tour.

How far is Ayutthaya from Bangkok?

  • Enjoy this historical park Ayutthaya day tour where you can enjoy various ruins of historical sites, temples, and palaces.
  • Ayutthaya is situated at a distance of 85 km from Bangkok.
  • It will take 1.5 to 2hours to reach Ayutthaya from Bangkok.
  • If you want to reach Ayutthaya without any hassle then must go with a private tour including a car or taxi.

What makes Ayutthaya so famous?

  • Ayutthaya is an attractive place to visit because of its rich culture and developing modern history.
  • This special place features ruins of architecture, temples, monasteries, and palaces.
  • Ayutthaya historical park is a UNESCO world heritage site which is the ruins of the original city.
  • You can explore a massive 12.5 meters tall bronze Buddha statue at Wat Thammikarat which is the ruins of a magnificent temple.

How to Reach Ayutthaya?

One can get to Ayutthaya By Private Tour, By Train, and By Minivan.- By Private Tour: If you want your Ayutthaya day tour without any hassle then you need to book a private car or taxi for your trip. - By Train: At Bangkok's Hualamphong station you will get trains at 8:30am.- By Minivan: At your hotel lobby you can get AC minivans which have seats for 10-12 people to reach your destination.

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