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About Safari World Bangkok

One of the Thai capital’s favorite destinations, Safari World Bangkok presents you with the best opportunity to spend some calm and peaceful moments amongst the wildlife. The park is thronged in large numbers by locals and tourists alike who come here for various reasons. Not only can you learn exciting new facts about the different inhabitants of the park, their ways, and natural habitats but also enjoy the various shows and immersive activities organized here. Opened back in 1988 as a zoo, Safari World Bangkok Thailand soon expanded its boundaries and became an entertaining activity zone offering several exciting pursuits within the open zoo.

This is a unique concept where over a hundred animals are spread across a massive area. It has also added a bird and a marine park to its grounds that features some of the most exotic birds and underwater animals here. The park is among Bangkok’s list of most sought-after locales where you can get up and close with its friendlier animals. Moreover, with your Safari World tickets, you can engage in entertaining activities like petting and feeding the animals, jungle safari, jungle cruise, and watching shows by exotic animals like sea lions and orangutans.

Why To Book Safari World Bangkok Tickets?

  • Visit this unique open zoo that is dedicated to animals from all parts of the world, including giraffes, gazelles, zebras, camels, and some of the most exotic and rare birds.
  • Enjoy a drive-through on the park’s luxury coaches for an up and close encounter with most of the park’s inhabitants.
  • Witness the wildlife from both the land and water world residing in peaceful harmony in their natural habitats at Safari World Bangkok.
  • Marvel at the entertaining shows put up by elephants, dolphins, orang-utans, and sea lions.
  • Take part in exciting activities like animal feeding, jungle safari, and jungle cruise at Safari World Bangkok Thailand.
  • There are two massive car parks within the park’s premises that can accommodate over 2000 vehicles at a time.
  • You can avail the shuttle service from Car Park 2 to Marine Park.
  • There is also a coach service available that visitors can avail of at any time.
  • Information Center to provide all kinds of assistance to visitors.
  • First-aid services along with a competent medical team kept on standby for handling medical emergencies.
  • Telephone booths throughout the park area with the facility of making local and international calls.
  • Wheelchair.
  • Baby strollers.
  • Storage options.
  • Gift shop that sells t-shirts, exotically handcrafted goods, parrot caps, and much more.
  • Entry into Safari World Bangkok
  • English-speaking guide
  • Car park
  • Shuttle service between Car Park and Marine Park
  • Coach service
  • Admission to Marine Park
  • Park shows

What To Explore In Safari World Bangkok?

Safari World Bangkok presents an opportunity for all its visitors to access different zones of the zoo, each promising a unique feel. The four distinct experiences that the park offers are the Safari Park, the Marine World, the Jungle Walk, and Jungle Cruise. Each of them comes with a one-of-a-kind interactive experience, activity, and animal show. Sit aboard a comfortable park bus and tour around the Safari Zoo Bangkok as you spot giraffes, lions, zebras, antelopes, deer, and much more. You can also go on a walking or a boat tour through the dark and dense jungles for an authentic jungle experience.

Safari Park

Safari Park is one of the main highlights of Safari World Bangkok which takes you on an adventurous jungle tour. You can get up and close with animals in their natural habitat as you embark on your safari. Get a chance to spot a wide variety of animals ranging from giraffes, zebras, and lions, to antelopes, tigers, deer, and much more. Sit on a comfortable park bus that will drive you through the park along with an English-speaking guide relaying interesting facts and fascinating stories about the park and its inhabitants. If lucky, you can even see a few animals up and close as they venture near your bus windows.

Marine World

Marine World is one of the later additions at Safari World Bangkok Thailand which was not there in its original plan. It is also one of the park’s most popular features that draw visitors by the thousands. Get a chance to witness an exotic underwater world at this iconic zone of the Bangkok Zoo Safari World. You can witness a wide variety of marine animals along with several interesting animal shows that are staged here and are an absolute must-watch. The open-air and cool environment at the Marine World is a great place to relax and unwind particularly with its thrilling live shows.

Jungle Walk

Experience the thrill of strolling through densely forested lands when you are visiting the Safari World Bangkok Thailand. An absolutely refreshing and unique adventure, this is one you should not miss when at the Bangkok Zoo Safari World. Venture deep into the jungles to soak in the beauty of the wilderness here and follow the well-marked pathways in order to find your way back to human civilization. Since the forests at the park are extensive and very thick, it adds to the overall allure and your Jungle Walk experience becomes all the more authentic.

Jungle Cruise

Go deep into the juggles at the Bangkok Zoo Safari World with this brilliant combination tour of a jungle safari and a cruise. The uniquely adventurous tour takes you into the dark depths of the forests of Asia and Africa. Get aboard a boat that will sail through the meandering waterways of the park surrounded by lush greenery on both sides. You can hope to spot wildlife that is native to the areas you sail through during the course of your journey. From elephants to crocodiles, you can witness a wide variety of animals along your exciting trip.

Popular Shows In Safari World Bangkok

Safari Park Bangkok Thailand is also famous for the variety of spectacular shows and experiences that it organizes. Apart from simply watching the park animals in their natural habitats, you can enjoy their stage performances that comprise awe-inspiring presentations that are bound to leave you gasping for more. Enjoy the park’s avian inhabitants as they flutter around in a riot of vibrant colors or perch comfortably on your shoulders. You can also enjoy other exquisite shows like the Orang-utan, sea lion, and dolphin shows as well as the unique Cowboy stunt where the performers come dressed as cowboys.

Bird Show

Enjoy an exquisite bird show when you visit the Safari World Bangkok which houses a distinct section for hundreds of rare and local birds. Watch as these colorful feathered inhabitants of the park perform and even come close to you. The equally eager birds often readily accept food offered by members of the audience as they regale you by playing or perching atop your shoulders.

Timings: Sunday to Saturday: 11:15 AM and 4:00 PM Sunday and Saturday: 5:00 PM

Elephant Show

Enjoy this short yet fun performance by these massive creatures at Safari World Bangkok during your visit. You can also have a feeding session with the elephants at the end of the show which is a unique and exciting experience, especially for children. You can see them performing a number of acts for spectators like standing on just their two hind legs, painting with their trunk on a canvas with paint and brush, playing a drum and bongo, walking a tightrope, and much more. The elephants, like all the other animals at the park, look well fed and cared for and they are among the friendliest inhabitants here.

Timings: Sunday to Saturday: 11:15 AMSunday to Saturday: 3:30 PM

Orangutan Show

This is one of the park’s most exotic shows that attract a lot of visitors for its sheer entertainment factor. It is also greatly popular among the young visitors of the zoo who are unable to hold their giggles and laughter as the funny creatures perform some of the most hilarious antics. You will also find these entertaining orang-utans sometimes losing focus of their activity and just hanging upside down while eating fruits and also littering the arena below with coconuts.

Timings: Sunday to Saturday: 10:40 AM Monday to Friday: 3:30 PM Sunday and Saturday: 3:40 PM

Sea Lion Show

This is among the supremely popular shows in the Safari World, Bangkok park that features one of its most exotic inhabitants. Get a glimpse of these mischievous creatures as they play around, or try to balance a ball on their cute noses. The trained creatures also put up a variety of other acts that leave the audiences in total admiration and absolutely mesmerized. Timings: Sunday to Saturday: 10:40 AMSunday to Saturday: 2:15 PM

Cowboy Stunt

The Cowboy stunt, also popularly known as the Spy War and Hollywood Cowboy Stunt is a uniquely exciting experience that you can have at the Safari Park, Bangkok Thailand. The stunt show essentially re-enacts one of the most famous action thrillers from Hollywood in a mimicry format where each performer is seen dressed as a cowboy. The performers present a variety of fascinating stunts that keeps the audiences glued to their seats.

Timings: Sunday to Saturday: 12:10 PMSunday and Saturday: 4:30 PM

Dolphin Show

The stunning Marine World section at the Safari Park Bangkok Thailand put together some of the most spectacular shows for its audiences. This includes its famous dolphin show performed by the huge endearing and friendly creatures who are extremely competent at playing with balls. They are also capable of going all out and exhibiting a circus performance keeping audiences in complete awe the whole time.

Timings: Sunday to Saturday: 10:00 AM Sunday to Saturday: 2:00 PM

Know Before You Go Safari World Bangkok

Essential Information
How To Reach Safari World Bangkok

Location: 99 Panya Indra Rd, Sam Wa Tawan Tok, Khlong Sam Wa, Bangkok 10510, ThailandSafari World Bangkok is located approximately 100 meters away from the Victory Monument Station along 99 Panya Indra Road

Timings:Monday to Friday:Safari Park- 9:00 AM - 4:30 PMMarine Park- 9:00 AM - 5:00 PMSaturdays and Sundays: Safari Park- 9:00 AM - 5:00 PMMarine Park- 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Best Time To Visit: It is best to visit Safari World Bangkok, on weekdays and in the morning hours soon after the zoo opens for the general public. The park remains relatively free of its large crowds during this time and the weather is also much cooler to explore its various sections. Moreover, the morning hours are the only time when you can watch the lions as they come out of their dens to get fed. It is rare for the king of the jungle to come out in the afternoon hours. The best time of the year to visit the Bangkok Zoo Safari World is during the winters when the weather is pleasant for all the outdoor activities here.

By Train: You can take the subway train and disembark at the Victory Monument Station. Come out of the station from Exit number 2. Safari Park Bangkok Thailand is around 100 meters away from here and you can cover the rest of this distance easily by foot.

By Taxi: You can reach Safari Zoo Bangkok by metered taxis which take around an hour to reach from central or downtown Bangkok

By Skytrain: Take the Skytrain to Mo Chit or N8 station from where you need to board Bus No. 26 or 96 to reach the "Fashion Island Shopping Mall". Walk across the flyover here and then take a minibus to the destination

Tips To Visit Safari World Bangkok

  • Visit the park during the morning hours to spot the lions as they come out for feeding.
  • Carry your cameras to capture great shots of wild and some exotic animals at the park.
  • Take care of your valuables and belongings as the park authorities will not be responsible for any loss of property.
  • Wear light and comfortable clothes.
  • Wear good quality walking shoes.
  • Carry sunscreens, sunglasses, and water.
  • In case you need first-aid, reach out to the park authorities immediately as there is adequate medical assistance available here.

Safari World Bangkok FAQs

Why is Safari World Bangkok so famous?

Safari World Bangkok is a unique open zoo where you can enjoy a close interactive experience with a wide variety of animals. The park is home to several rare and exotic creatures, marine life, and birds who live in a natural habitat within the park’s protected environment. Safari World Bangkok Thailand is also famous for the number of activities and entertaining shows like animal feeding, etc. that are organized here.

Are outside eatables allowed inside Safari World Bangkok?

Outside eatables are not allowed inside the Bangkok Zoo Safari World for the safety of its inhabitants. However, you will find a variety of food outlets and kiosks within the park for visitors.

Are people allowed to feed the animals inside Safari World Bangkok?

You can feed certain animals at Safari World Bangkok, however, with only the food that is sold within the park for the sole purpose of feeding.

What are the different facilities available in Safari World Bangkok?

The different facilities available at Safari Park Bangkok include wheelchair, parking facility, storage options, information center, first-aid, and gift shop.

What is the best time to visit Safari World Bangkok?

The best time to visit Safari World Bangkok is in the daytime particularly in the morning hours soon after the zoo opens. The park remains relatively empty during this time and the weather is also much cooler to explore its various sections.

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