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About Lumphini Park Bangkok

Nestled amidst the concrete skyscrapers and bustling streets of Bangkok lies the lush green Lumphini Park, the city's largest public park constructed in the 1920s. Also spelled Lumpini, this park serves as the lungs of Thailand's capital city, with its meticulously manicured lawns, stunning water bodies, and native flora and fauna.

The Lumphini Park derives its name from the birthplace of Gautam Buddha and has functioned as a museum and a Japanese army camp in the past. Today, the park is not just a popular hangout for residents, but it is also a major tourist destination. The park is always bustling with people of all ages socializing, exercising, relaxing under the shade of big trees, and enjoying the fresh air. However, Lumphini Park Bangkok has much more to offer its visitors than just a vast expanse of greenery.

Spread over an area of 142 acres, the multi-functional park houses several permanent and seasonal facilities, including a library, accessible playgrounds, a youth center, picnic areas, and a food court. In addition, you can enjoy paddling in the lake, engage in free aerobic sessions, or simply sit on the grass and listen to the tunes of Thai and Western music. Lumphini Park also hosts social dancing courses on weekends and Buddhist Dharma activities on the last Sunday of each month.

Highlights Of Lumphini Park

  • Take a nice long leisurely stroll in the shade of tall green trees around the 2.5 km of paved pedestrian roads constructed in a maze-like design.
  • Go birdwatching and try to identify the 30 different bird species that inhabit the park.
  • Paddle around the spectacular artificial Swan Lake in charming swan boats and rowing boats.
  • Enjoy a fun family picnic by the lakeside or in one of the park's many picnic spots.
  • Capture beautiful photos at the Chinese-style white Lumphini clock tower.
  • Learn more about Thai culture by reading a book or renting a movie from the Library for free.
  • Get in shape by using the park's training and outdoor gym facilities.
  • Take part in the free aerobics session that is held every afternoon and have fun dancing around.
  • Get a taste of Bangkok's street food by indulging in some tasty snacks and drinks from the park's food stalls.

Why Visit Lumphini Park Bangkok?

Lumphini Park Bangkok provides a welcome escape from the city's hustle and bustle. From exploring the local flora and fauna, paddling in the lake to serving Buddhist monks, there are endless activities in Lumphini Park to keep you busy all day.

Bird Watching

If you are a bird lover, you must visit Lumphini Park Bangkok to explore the native bird species found in the area. Since the 142-acre park is lush green with tall trees, beautiful flowers, and attractive water bodies, it attracts as many as 30 different species of birds! You can catch sights of common Thai birds such as Eastern Jungle Crows, Oriental Magpie-Robins, Coppersmith Barbets, Pied Fantails, Great Mynas, Streak-eared Bulbuls, Indochinese Rollers, and Zebra Doves. Less common species like Black Baza, Chestnut-winged Cuckoo, Oriental Dollarbird, and Amur Paradise-flycatcher can be seen in the autumn and spring seasons.

Smiling Sun Ground (Lan Tawan Yim)

The Smiling Sun Ground, also known as Lan Tawan Yim, is a specially curated center for the disabled. This zone offers a large number of activities and resources that disabled people can easily engage in and make the most of their time in Lumphini Park. The Smiling Sun Ground also contains dedicated parking areas for disabled persons and playgrounds for children.

Bangkok Elder Citizens Club

The Bangkok Elder Citizens Club is a distinct center in Lumphini Park dedicated to elderly visitors. The club, which is located in Lumphini Hall, is an excellent place for the elderly to assemble, mingle, rest, and enjoy training sessions. Bangkok Elder Citizens Club also conducts social dancing lessons every Saturday and Sunday for them to open up and make new friends.

Lumphini Park Library And Youth Center

There are several activities in Lumphini Park dedicated to the youth and children. The Lumphini Park Library was Bangkok's first public library and houses a treasure trove of Thai and Western book titles as well as movies that may be rented for free.

The youth center, on the other hand, is where you may participate in a variety of sports such as soccer, basketball, and swimming. The complex also has two tennis courts and a gym.

Buddhist Dharma Activities

Buddhism is one of the most widely practiced religions in Thailand. The Lumphini Park Bangkok is an excellent place to learn about Buddhism and do acts of service for the monks. Visitors can participate in a variety of Buddhist Dharma activities on the last Sunday of each month, including listening to Buddhist teachings and offering food to monks.

King Rama VI Statue

At the main entrance of the Lumphini Park stands the bronze statue of King Vajiravudh (Rama VI), the sixth monarch of Thailand. It was King Rama VI who had developed an open-air museum and, in the process, created a huge park space.

Originally, the Lumphini park was a part of the royal land and was used as an exhibition ground until King Rama VI donated it to the public at his own expense in 1925. The King Rama VI Statue was constructed at the park in his honor. Citizens often decorate the sculpture with orange garlands.

Children’s Playground

There are several playgrounds in the Lumphini park for the kids to have fun with friends and play to their heart’s content. You may find one at the heart of the Park and also at the Smiling Sun Ground. The playgrounds include many swings and slides that children are never able to get enough of. Besides, the park is so spacious that kids can engage in all sorts of activities such as running, cycling, and playing football with their buddies.

Sports and Exercises

Lumphini Park Bangkok offers a wide range of sports facilities and fitness sessions in which visitors can readily participate. There are several areas dedicated to sports like basketball, volleyball, football, Takrawm, and so on. You may also find many spots dedicated to quieter forms of exercise like yoga and Tai Chi.

The park comprises an outdoor gym as well complete with several fitness machines. Besides, free aerobic sessions take place at the center every afternoon. The 2.5 km long track that runs through the park is also open for walking, jogging, cycling, and hiking.

The Swan Lake

Swan Lake is a great area to sit on a bench, read a book, and feed the birds. You can also rent a mat and enjoy a picnic by the lakeside with your friends or family. One of the most popular activities in Lumphini Park is paddling around the lake in swan boats or rowing boats that can be rented at the center.

The artificial lake is also home to the giant monitor lizards. Though quite big in size, these lizards are harmless unless disturbed and can be seen roaming around near the lakeside or swimming in the water.

Know Before You Visit Lumphini Park

Essential Information
How To Reach


192 Witthayu Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand.


Lumphini Park Bangkok is open to visitors all days of the week from 4.30 AM to 9 PM.

Best Time to Visit:

The ideal time to visit Lumphini Park is from March to October, either early in the morning or in the evening (after 5 PM) when the sun has cooled down. Also, the park is relatively quiet during the early morning hours and so if you prefer to enjoy the greenery in solitude, visit the park before sunrise.

By Train:

The fastest way to reach Lumphini Park Bangkok is via the MRT. Get off the Silom station or Lumpini station from where the park is only a 3-minute walk away.

By Bus:

The bus routes that reach Lumphini Park are: Rama IV Road bus stop: 4, 14, 47, 67, 74, 76, 106, 109, 115, Por Oor 7Witthayu Road bus stop: 13, 17, 62, 76, 106Sarasin Road bus stop: 13, 76, 106Ratchadamri Road bus stop:14, 15, 74, 77, 119, Por Oor 4, Por Oor 5

By Car:

The park is easily accessible by one’s private car; just pinpoint the park on maps and you’re good to go.

Lumphini Park FAQs

Are pets allowed inside Lumphini Park?

No, pets are not permitted in the park.

Can we bring outside eatables inside Lumphini Park?

Yes, you can bring food from outside at the park and enjoy a meal by the lakeside. Besides, there are many food stalls inside the park where you can taste a wide variety of street food items. You can also visit the Sri Thai Derm Food Center and select from a wide variety of snacks and drink options.

What makes Lumphini Park so famous?

Lumphini Park is not just the largest public park in Bangkok but also the most popular one among both residents and tourists. The lush green trees, the beautiful lake, and the native flora and fauna never fail to enchant the visitors. In addition, the area is always brimming with exciting activities like aerobic sessions and music events and offers world-class facilities for all age groups.

What is the best time to visit Lumphini Park?

The ideal time to visit Lumphini Park is either early in the morning or late in the evening when the temperature has dropped. If you want to visit the park at quieter hours, go before sunrise.

Can we ride a boat in Lumphini Park Lake?

Yes, you can rent a swan boat or a rowing boat and paddle around the lake. The rent is 40 baht per half hour.

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