About SkyTrain Bangkok

The Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS SkyTrain) is a mode of transport in Bangkok, helping you discover several exciting sites in the city from a height. Two main BTS lines serve the city with 61 stations- the Silom line from west to south and the Sukhumvit line from north to east. The trains run every 3-6 minutes, and many people use them as a usual mode of transport to get to their workplace. You can pick up a BTS city map from any station for free, and the platforms also offer facilities such as elevators for disabled people.

SkyTrain Bangkok is the fastest and one of the cheapest modes of transport. All the cars in a train have four doors on each side, LCD monitors, and air conditioners. You can book a SkyTrain Bangkok ticket online or on the spot at the station or order a Stored Value card available for 200 baht with a stored value of 100 baht. Tourists usually opt for a full day unlimited SkyTrain Bangkok ticket to travel comfortably with all the convenient facilities. The last train leaves at around 11:50 PM and starts again at 6:00 AM.

SkyTrain Bangkok Ticket Deals

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Bangkok Sky Train Pass
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  • Save your time as you skip the traffic of the city with this fast and convenient option to your destinations across the city
  • Witness scenic views of the city of Bangkok with the elevated subway system
  • Get unlimited access to a fast, cheap yet safe mode of transportation for a day in Bangkok
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Must Know Before You Go
  • BTS one day pass physical ticket is valid for unlimited rides within the operating hours on the date of activation.
  • You can activate the physical ticket at ticketing counters in any BTS stations during the operation hours.
  • Please note that the physical ticket cannot be reissued in case of damage or loss.
  • Tickets that have been written on, worn out, or broken will not be allowed.
  • If you would like a multi-day pass, please purchase multiple units 1-Day passes and they are valid upon activation on the day itself.
  • Guidelines issued by the respective State-Government is to be followed. Social distancing to be maintained. Frequent hand sanitization and use of masks recommended.
  • Face masks are required for travelers.
  • Hand sanitizer available to travelers.
  • Trains are regularly sanitized.
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Why Book SkyTrain Bangkok Tickets?

  • Travel around Bangkok city and enjoy the sights from an elevated subway. Several tourist destinations are visible from the SkyTrain. You can go to famous places like the F5 Climbing center, Pororo Water Park, etc.
  • Save time by traveling in the fastest mode of transport by skipping the city's traffic, and beat the heat with air-conditioned cars on the train.
  • Get unlimited access to the SkyTrain Bangkok with a full-day ticket that you can book online with multiple offers at a reasonable price. You can hop on and off the SkyTrain for one full day in Bangkok.
  • Get all the necessary facilities like elevators and toilets at the boarding stations. You can take a free BTS map from the platform for a better guide.

Main Lines Of SkyTrain Bangkok

The SkyTrain Bangkok has two main lines going from south to west and north to east with 61 stations. The former serves the central business district of Bangkok, namely Silom and Sathon roads, and ends at National Stadium and Bang Wa. The latter runs along Phaya Thai and Phahon Yothin Roads.

Silom Line
Silom Line

The Silom Line functions from west to south, which is operated by Bangkok Mass Transit System PCL (BTSC). The trains in this line serve the business districts of Bangkok, with its last station being Bang Wa. Silom line runs across the famous Chao Phraya River, whose banks are home to many tourist destinations, including the Temple of Dawn. You will be able to see some of these tourist spots from the train, making it a sightseeing journey as well.

Sukhumvit Line
Sukhumvit Line

The Sukhumvit Line is also known as the light green line, and it runs from north to east, with Kheha being its last station. You will not have to wait long to board these trains, as every 3-6 minutes a train comes for pickup, ensuring a smooth commute system. The SkyTrain Bangkok ticket to the Sukhumvit line will make you go across places like Mo Chit, Samrong, etc. The BTS, who operates the line, is planning a 7km extension of the train line with four more stations making it more convenient for the tourists and citizens to travel around the city.

Card Variants Of SkyTrain Bangkok

You can purchase a rabbit card, one-day, or single-use SkyTrain Bangkok ticket from any station in the city. All these three cards vary by their validity, cost, and use. The starting fare per stop is 15 baht, and it increases with the distance of the destination.

Single Journey Pass
Single Journey Pass

The single journey SkyTrain Bangkok ticket will be valid for one time and for one-way only, and the fare is according to your destination. Make sure you use the card within a few hours of buying it, as it is only valid on the day of its purchase from the station. You can stay up to 2 hours at the station's paid area, and the scanner automatically retains your ticket after you exit your station. A single journey pass is suitable for tourists or rare visitors.

One-Day Pass
One-Day Pass

A one-day SkyTrain Bangkok ticket is available at all BTS stations and is valid for the whole day on the date of purchase. You get unlimited rides for the day to go to any BTS station at no extra charge. However, the price of this ticket is non-refundable and the time limit to stay at the paid area is the same as that of a Single journey pass. These passes are suitable for tourists and rare visitors.

Rabbit Card
Rabbit Card

Rabbit cards, also called stored value cards, are for regular users or travelers of the SkyTrain. According to the users, Rabbit cards are of two types- Student Rabbit cards and Senior Rabbit cards. The former is for full-time students of 23 years or below, and the BTS station makes it with proper ID proofs, including citizen ID. On the other hand, the latter is for senior citizens of Thailand aged 60 and above, and the station makes it with the citizen ID of the person. Misuse of these cards can lead to a fine of about 20 times the maximum price of a SkyTrain Bangkok ticket.

Know Before You Ride-On SkyTrain Bangkok

Know Before You Ride-On SkyTrain Bangkok
  • Do not carry any weapon or dangerous or harmful object while taking the sky train ride without getting authorization from the Concessionaire. Failure to comply with this rule will need you to pay some penalty according to the criminal and other related laws.
  • The laws prohibit scratching, writing, spraying, or any action that damages any part of the system. Violating this rule will need the person to pay a fine of 5,000 Baht.
  • Spitting or littering in different sky train stations is strictly not allowed. Violation of this rule will make you bear a fine of not more than 2,000 Baht.
  • The authority does not entertain any public nuisance, including unreasonable loud noise and unruly behavior.
  • Smoking at any place other than the designated smoking areas, including stations and trains, is not allowed. People violating this rule will need to pay a fine of 2,000 Baht.
  • Selling any goods and services, including the train, is prohibited unless the Concessionaire authorizes it. A person violating this rule will need to pay a fine equal to or less than 2,000 Baht.
  • Consumption of alcohol or any intoxicating liquor within the system or using the system after getting influenced due to excessive consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Any person violating this rule will need to pay a fine of 500 Baht.
  • Animals are not allowed inside the trains, except guide dogs which accompany registered blind persons. Any person violating this rule will need to pay a fine of or below 500 Baht.
  • Any kind of actions that create a panic among the crowd is punishable, where you may either have to pay a fine of 1000 Baht or serve 1 month imprisonment, or both.

SkyTrain Bangkok FAQs

Are Pets allowed inside SkyTrain?

    No animals are allowed inside the sky trains except the guide dogs, which accompany registered blind persons. You need to pay a fine of 500 Baht if you carry animals with you on the train.

Is there a student concession on tickets for riding on SkyTrain?

Does Skytrain cover the entire Bangkok?

What are the operating hours of SkyTrain?

What is the maximum height for children to get an exemption from paying fares?

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