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About Koh Kret Island

Bangkok is one of those cities that never fails to amaze its travellers, and Koh Kret Island is one underrated gem that one must definitely visit. Koh Kret island in Bangkok is a small artificial island located in Thailand's Chao Phraya River. The island displays old-world beauty and provides a bird's eye view of the island's early settlers, evolution, and culture. The Mon people live on Koh Kret, a historic village-style island. Notably, they were one of the first settlers. Compared to Bangkok, Koh Kret is another world, with wooden shacks backed up against palm trees and the occasional decrepit temple slowly decaying. Koh Kret Island Bangkok is a great spot to roam and participate in artistic activities like pottery and batik creation.

Moreover, if you want to see how people lived in Thailand in the past, Koh Kret in Bangkok is an excellent place to visit for a one-day excursion. Koh Kret is well-known for its cultural treasures, including awe-inspiring Buddhist shrines. Temples in Koh Kret are much more than just tourist hotspots. These religious locations are integrated into the aura of daily life for many Thais - places to pray for hope, good fortune, and forgiveness.

Temples In Koh Kret Island

No Thailand vacation is complete without a few temples to contribute to the tranquil atmosphere, and Koh Kret Island Bangkok is no exception. While travelling around Koh Kret on tiny concrete paths, one can come across beautifully adorned temples, which are small, but for religious sightseeing, they have a lot to offer. Moreover, most temples in Koh Kret are best visited in the early morning as they are less congested that time. The temples are essential not just as tourist sites but also in Buddhist traditions.

Wat Poramai Yikawat

Wat Poramai Yikawat, one of the most revered temples on Koh Kret, dates back to the Ayutthaya period. This Buddhist temple is home to an intriguing Mon-style marble Buddha and a small museum. A leaning stupa on the compound wall's northern outskirts draws curious tourists who stop for selfies and group shots.

Wat Poramai Yikawat was once known as Wat Pak Ao but is now more generally known as Wat Mon. In honour of his grandmother, King Chulalongkorn rebuilt the monastery and built the Phra Maha Raman Chedi, which houses Buddha relics. The serenity of the temple is what attracts tourists to Wat Poramai Yikawat.

Wat Phai Lom

Wat Phai Lom is a renowned temple in Nakhon Pathom province, not far from Phra Pathom Chedi. It was built by King Rama IV, who had great trust in Buddhism. He directed Mons to build the temple and renovate Phra Pathom Chedi. It is also stated that the banks of the Lam Mab River can be found here.

Wat Phai Lom houses massive holy ironwood used to carve a Ganesha figure. It has an elephant head with large ears and long ivories but a human body. Notably, Ganesha is the intellect and wisdom deva. A thousand-hand Quan Yin statue, a Thai actor's mask, and Buddha statues may also be found here.

Wat Sanam Nuea

Wat Sanam Nuea was established during the Rattanakosin Dynasty when the last Kret canal was dug. It was once known as Wat Sanam, and when the Burmese seized Nonthaburi, the temple was abandoned and was re-established as a new temple, established on the banks of the Lat Kret River.

There are some must-visit spots around the temple, such as Wat Sanam Neua church, the Buddha statue under the Bodhi tree, the Buddha image in Pang Kettha or the Buddha image in Table position. The figure is more than 400 years old and was taken from the ancient temple for the general people to worship for good fortune.

Wat Yai Sawang Arom

Wat Yai Sawang Arom is located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. It is a temple established in the year 1963 and was previously known as Wat Noi because it is located near the Bang Noi Canal.

The temple has the central Buddha figure in a meditation posture with a width of four cubits lap fronted in the Sukhothai period. The figure in the temple is composed of laterite. When visiting the shrine, visitors can even feed the fish. Moreover, the waterfront market sells a wide range of food goods.

Wat Sao Thong

This western-style viharn, located on Rue de France, to the north of Phra Narai Ratchaniwet, is thought to have been built by King Narai the Great as a church for Christian envoys. It is the first fundamental Pratom school in Amphoe Pak Kred, and it also houses the highest chedi in Pak Kred behind its ubosot.

The atmosphere at Wat Sao Thong is refreshingly relaxed due to its riverside position. The pleasant surroundings of the shrine make passers-by feel tranquil and peaceful. In the Ayutthaya period, the Mon people called "Wat Suan Mak'' this temple.

Wat Saphan Sung

Wat Saphan Sung lies in Nonthaburi's Pak Kret District. Its name was changed by Somdet Phramahasamanachao Kromphraya Vajirananavarorasa (the 10th Supreme Patriarch of Thailand) when he visited the temple and noticed the high bridge for crossing the canal (Pra Udom Canal) near the temple.

This incident is regarded as a blessing for the temple, therefore, it is known as "Wat Saphan Sung" (High Bridge Temple). Wat Saphan Sung is well-known for its sacred artefacts. Moreover, the image of Luang Phu Aiem is displayed in front of the temple's Main Hall. Luang Phu Aiem is a significant figure who has been involved in the development and renovation of Wat Saphan Sung.

Wat Bangchak

Wat Bang Chak is situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, which runs through Koh Kret Island in Bangkok. We can see the temple's 27-metre-high great Buddha from afar, but it's not the only intriguing feature. The statue's base contains passageways with Buddhas and figurines accessible through three symbolic doorways.

The open mouth of a dragon is one, the open mouth of a tiger is the other, and the entryway at the back of the gigantic Buddha signifies the Phra Rua deity of sun and moon eclipses. Around the temples are murals, and at the back is an interesting garden with sculptures depicting scenes from Lord Buddha's life.

Wat Chimphli Sutthawat

Wat Chimphli Sutthawat is close to the Lat Kret River, the Koh Kret Sub District, and the Pak Kret District in Nonthaburi. Previously known as 'Wat Pa Fai', this temple was constructed during the late Ayutthaya period.

Later, it was claimed that after King Rama II reconstruction, the temple was named after King Rama II's last name, 'Chimphli,' and a garuda symbol was used as a stamp of His Majesty King Rama II. Usually, Mon people refer to this shrine as 'Pia Toa.' There are numerous fascinating things to explore at this temple, such as the ubosot and the pagoda.

Activities To Do In Koh Kret Island

Koh Kret – or Koh Kred - a peaceful Mon Island on the Chao Phraya River that remains somewhat of a secret to most Bangkok visitors and even some Thais – provides a therapeutic escape from Thailand's metropolis. Furthermore, the number of activities to do in Koh Kret and locations to visit is never-ending. Koh Kret Island Bangkok will not disappoint you in history, architecture, gastronomy, nightlife, culture, or simply a beach vacation.

Cycling around Koh Kret Island

Apart from walking to various locations on the island, tourists can rent a bicycle or take a boat ride to experience the relaxing atmosphere along the river. Bicycles may be rented at Wat Paramaiyikawat and Wat Pa Fai. Cycling routes make it possible to get to almost any location on a bicycle.

Enjoy gliding through nature on your left and right, with stores and cafés tucked away for you to discover. You can rent a cycle and pedal around the island on the narrow flat roads and trails. Don't forget that cars are not permitted on the island, so you will have the entire road to yourself.

Do craft pottery at Pa Toom Pottery Factory

Koh Kret is also recognised for their unique pottery, typically manufactured of local clay and burned in a specific kiln called Tao Lung Tao (Turtleback Kiln). They not only make the traditional orange-red pottery, but they have also devised a process in which they combine husk with clay and let it burn during a fire to obtain their trademark black colour — can you believe there is no paint involved? The precise carving, which comes in stunning patterns, is the most extraordinary quality of their ceramics. Pa Toom Pottery Factory has been making terracotta pottery for nearly a century and still makes all of its goods by hand. This is one of the unusual souvenirs available on Koh Kret.

Learn to make coffee from scratch

Cuamue Coffee & Gallery is a small coffee roastery and souvenir shop on Koh Kret. Customers can prepare their coffee at the cafe using a DIY set, including roasting their coffee beans. Coffee enthusiasts can enjoy roasting, crushing, carefully pouring water over the beans, and sipping their homemade cup of joe.

Also, you might get a chance to drink freshly brewed coffee, which might even reduce tiredness. Moreover, a little shop near the sitting area sells t-shirts, tote bags, terracotta coffee cups, and other souvenirs. Also, some shops may also allow you to take a stroll around the verdant coffee garden.

Shop locally made Handicrafts

Koh Kret's lanes and pathways are jam-packed with things to see and do, such as street sellers, cafes, and local markets. The market is a must-see attraction on Koh Kret since it allows you to sample what the locals eat. Aside from food and desserts, there are a variety of presents and keepsakes to take home. Examples include terracotta ornamentation and cookware, woodcrafts, house decorations, and other items. Drinks are typically served in terracotta mugs shaped like charming creatures.

Know Before You Visit Koh Kret Island

Essential Information
How To Reach


Koh Kret Island Bangkok is a small artificial island located at a beautiful bend in the Chaophraya River. It is located in Nonthaburi, just 30 kilometres from central Bangkok.

Best Time To Visit:

Although Koh Kret Island Bangkok is excellent all year, the best time to visit is from November to April. During this time of the year, the weather is dry, and you can enjoy the coast. However, keep a watch on the weather as it fluctuates significantly from the south to the north coast.

Koh Kret Island Bangkok in Nonthaburi is a river island 12 kilometres from Bangkok's centre. You can take a bus from Sanam Luang or a different bus from Victory Monument to get there. You could also take a taxi to Pak Kret.

Then take the cross-river ferry 2B, depart at 5 p.m. from Wat Sanam Neua and arrive at 9 p.m. The Chao Phraya Express Boat's green flag express travels between Pak Kret and Saphan Taksin (Central Pier) on weekends. It departs every twenty minutes between 6:10 a.m. and 8:10 a.m. and every twenty minutes between 4:05 p.m. and 6:05 p.m. (32B).

Koh Kret Island FAQs

Where exactly is Koh Kret Island?

Koh Kret is an island located north of Bangkok amid the Chao Phraya River.

How far is Koh Kret Island from Bangkok City?

Koh Kret island in Bangkok is located in Nonthaburi, just 30 kilometres from central Bangkok.

What makes Koh Kret Island special?

With many popular things to explore, Koh Kret island is well-known for pottery, culinary delights, religious temples and more. One of the activities that make Koh Kret island special is pottery. Along the journey, there are several pottery villages where you can watch people manufacturing pots and the process of the craft. Culinary delights are another specialty of Koh Kret Island Bangkok which make it special. You'll discover an endless array of Mon specialties here, such as deep fried flower blossoms and an intriguing dish of rose-scented iced rice with various toppings, as well as classic Thai desserts.

What is the best time to visit Koh Kret Island?

Although you can visit Koh Kret Island Bangkok at any time of year, the best time to visit is between the dry months of November to April if you want to enjoy the coast, as the weather is pleasant during these months.

Are there water activities in Koh Kret Island?

Koh Kret Island in Bangkok does not have any water activities.

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